DVP 6 – COVID-19 Democratic Decision-Making Processes During Pandemics


Support for the development of proposals for adapting the legal framework and legal recommendations for the implementation of participatory constitutional and democratic decision-making processes in times of Covid-19. For this purpose, recommendations for legislative, regulatory and administrative reforms are to be drawn up which, despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, ensure the legality of government action and enable the involvement of all population groups (“leave no one behind”) (e.g. in judicial, administrative procedures and in elections)


  • Series of 5 policy briefs exploring various themes on
    • how to make the democratic decision-making processes [including elections, parliamentary deliberations, and the framework for government transitions) pandemic sensitive.
    • how to provide a level playing field for all political parties and other candidates to conduct their electioneering in light of pandemic-related restrictive measures.
    • how to enhance participation in politics for groups underrepresented in political and policy spaces.
    • how to adapt election management including voting, electioneering, access to electoral information and sensitization, and government transitions laws, to the reality of pandemics.

The briefs shall contain appropriate recommendations for legislative, regulatory and administrative reforms E-learning courses on

  • 3 virtual seminars to discuss the findings and policy briefs.

Table of Contents