DVP 5 – COVID-19 Responsive Capacity Building for Civil Society Organizations


To adapt their activities and advocacy processes to take into account COVID-19 and to prepare policy advocacy tools, operational guides, trainings, and e-learning materials that address how civil society can adapt their activities to the new reality and to new and evolving law creating practices in Ghana.


  • Develop adaptation manuals for CSOs that enable them to adapt their activities and policy advocacy work to the new reality of the pandemic;
  • Develop e-learning courses and train CSO’s on the avenues for sustained action and creative policy advocacy.
  • Develop e-training courses, and train CSO’s on how to build new alliances and explore and deplore untapped resources and platforms for civic engagement
  • Develop abridged legal and policy guides on new restrictive measures, and how they may impact the advocacy work of CSO, and the Civic Engagement work of the NCCE.

Table of Contents