DVP 4 – Proactive Legislative Reform Action & Strategic Litigation Action


To proactively engage and mobilize critical stakeholders towards the repeal of extraordinary measures taken during the Pandemic, including the drafting and laying of a private member bill in Parliament and House of Representatives the proposal for reforms to the rules of court, criminal prosecutions and sentencing guidelines. The research team on this initiative will focus on tracking laws passed by Parliament especially during the period of the pandemic, and judicial pronouncements, with the added responsibility of investigating and recommending appropriate means of having some of the onerous provision of the Statutes struck down as being in contravention of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.


  • Draft Legislative proposals and Private Member Bills.
  • Consultative meetings with Parliamentary leadership and relevant select and standing committees, and the drafting of a consultations report
  • Strategic Litigation Actions entailing the filing, and prosecution of targeted administrative and constitutional actions in courts and appropriate administrative fora. There will be periodic reports concerning the status of these actions.

Table of Contents