DVP 3 – Judicial Response Analysis, Baseline Study and Impact Assessment


To catalogue and examine the short, medium and long term judicial decisions that entrench the new covid-19 measures; review all aspects of the judicial value chain in order to identify structural challenges that have been made pressing by the pandemic, including the cut-of-date rules of court, case management practices, and entrenched corrupt practices in the court system that limit access to justice and weaken the ability of stakeholders in the civic space to hold government accountable in Africa and Ghana specifically. A research team will track judgments delivered within the period of the pandemic and track responses to those judgments and also study the present court practices and make recommendations.


  • Baseline study of Justice System (COVID-19 specific).
  • Analysis/Audit of Judicial Responses to COVID-19.
  • Analysis of Metadata of (non) Judicial Responses resulting from COVID-19.
  • Impact Assessment Study.
  • Set up of an online database.

Table of Contents