DVP 2 – Legislative and Policy Tracker


To keep track of the range of legislative measures and executive orders being adopted during the pandemic, and in response to it in Africa generally and Ghana specifically: to catalogue the deviations from the constitutional bill of rights, and to identify various right extending legislations which due to the focus on COVID-19 have seen their implementation stalled, including for instance the Right to Information Act in Ghana. A research team will be tasked to gather relevant data and track the impact of these legislative measures on the citizenry.


  • The setup of a tracking platform which will be easily accessible by the public, which will entail the following functionalities. Lawbase: which will function as a central repository for the tracker. Project Dashboard (PDash): which will be used to track and manage law and policy information, including project metadata, reports, publications, and impact assessment study DEPTH: The Data Entry for Project Tracking and Highlighting (DEPTH) web portal which will allow users to easily query, view, filter, and download targeted information.
  • 9 Monthly comprehensive technical reports.
  • Final Impact assessment report.

Table of Contents